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Majlis tents as Luxury and best quality accommodation

If you want to have fun at beaches, desserts, camping and in many other picnics and want to stay somewhere in a tent type structure than the majlis tents are best for you as they are luxury portable tents suitable for all activities which are full of leisure. Best thing is its simple design with one standing pole and cotton canvas which makes the interior spacious and comfortable living. Majlis tents are light in weight and can easily be transported to one place to another. The interior of the majlis tent is mind-blowing as it is very fancy. Sofas are placed inside and overall set up is very posh. They are fire retardant, barrier against UV days and are waterproof. These tents are very easy to install. Majlis tent has the ability to join it’s modern and advance components with it’s traditional and cultural characteristics and the uses of this tent can be as an extension area for a private house or for different gatherings. It can be fully customized from starting to an end according the demand of customer. They are available in different colors and every sizes.

Kinds and ideas of Majlis tents

   The most perfect compensation for a big hall which is used for celebrations at different occasions is a tent. There are many different ideas and kinds of majlis tents which are available in the market. Some of the few are as follow

  1. Arabic Style Majlis Tent

      The Arabian style majlis tents increase the beauty of Arabian style furniture. They are set up at any place. The exterior of these tents can be of same as traditional black and white stripes. These tents can also be customized as they can be design in any form, different shapes, colors, sizes according to the needs of the customer.

  • Majlis tents as temporary extension

     There are few types of majlis tents which can be used as an temporary extension they are used in private residences to increase the space of house or a building. They look beautiful and stylish. These tents are mostly build up with steel and PVC material that is durable and has ability to stand strong against all types of weather. They are skillfully build to reflect it’s outstanding patterns revealing the most charming color combinations at lift up the ambiance of your area where you used these tents.

  • Bait Saar Majlis tent

    These tents are of typical Arabic cultural tents. They are unique in style and are accessible in fundamental colors, patterns, sizes, designs and many more things. They are built up of superior quality fabrics and other raw materials. They are equipped with modern machines and latest technology.

  • Rental Majlis Tents

    These tents are used widely in UAE and other Arab countries. These are custom-made traditional tents made from aluminum or from goat hair woolen fabric with excellent interior designing. These tents are provided to you on rent as you pay some amount of money to use it for temporary time and than you have to leave them. They are durable and comfortable. Sometimes they are made from wood and fiber glass also.

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