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Strong roots of Mosque Tents in History and worldwide use today as well

Mosque tent is a contemporary and influential piece of Islamic architecture. If you need to pray at Mosque especially on the days of Muslims special occasions like Eid, Ramadan, Friday prayers and many other days there is no place in the Mosque left because the Mosques are so much filled with the huge number of people. Secondly, when people visit to shopping malls, Picnic points, restaurants and many other such places, usually there are no Mosque at such places or they are very far away from your location. To solve this problem, you should opt for a Mosque tent as it is the best solution to your problems and people needs places of worship where permanent structures have not yet been built. It will provide extra space and can extend the space of Mosque as well. These tents have ample space for air circulation. They not only provide great shelter from sun but also are strong against winds and other harsh weather conditions. Also, we can arrange these tents for women to pray in shopping malls, and other picnic spots. As usually, very few Mosque have arrangement for woman. These tents are mostly used in Muslim majority areas of the world. These tents are widely used in Saudi Arab to provide extra space for pilgrims during Haj. These tents are mind-blowing. They are designed in many different styles which are so beautiful. These tents are durable, waterproof and also fire resistant. Islamic architecture has made a peculiar place in the world. All through the history, Mosques tents have been the center of attraction of many architectural exhibitions in the Muslim world. Muslim societies have always been kept on building Mosque tents. Muslims parents living in Western countries should specially use these Mosque tents in their houses so that children know and always remember about their religion, prayers and spiritual activities done at Mosques. As there are few Mosques in those countries and it would make a distance from religion for the kids and youngsters Muslims living there. These Mosque tents are being used since the times of prophet (PBUH). These Mosque tents are available in different sizes and styles in the market. The price of Mosque tent is also cheaper from building a Mosque.

Types of Mosque Tent

  There are many types, designs and styles of mosque tents. Few of which are as follow

  1. Arabian Royal Big Tents

     This tent is being used for building mosque. It available in white, red and many other colors. You can easily customize these tents according to your needs.

  • 3D Inflatable Dome Mosque Tent

     These tents are waterproof. The size can be customizing according to your need. It’s also a very good looking and charming tent.

  • Aluminum Mosque Tents

         The material used to build these tents is aluminum. They stand strong against wind, rain and other bad weather conditions. They also prevent efficiently from UV rays.

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