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Ramadan Tent is a luxury and posh arrangement for Iftar and Suhoor

It’s a leisure experience for people as they had fun and good time with family, friends and neighbours. It’s a venue set up in the month of Ramadan for daily iftaar and suhoor meal.

Ramadan tents mostly arranged in regions:-

In Middle East Ramadan tents are very famous and they are traditionally family and neighbourhood relationship in the Middle East. Ramadan tents are organized in many countries specially where there are massive Muslim communities.

How they are arranged:-

They are arranged by many lavish restraunts and hotels such as (4 star and 5 star) in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other different countries to attract customers. It’s also a very good marketing strategy opt by restraunts and hotels to seek their customer attention because mostly in Ramadan people like to do iftaar and suhoor at their homes and want to spend time more in prayers and other spiritual activities but because of these Ramadan tents it suddenly fascinate people so much that everybody go there with friends and families and wanted to enjoy with them. People became active with a fresh zeal.

Reason for customer attraction:-

Other than food there are also many other activities for fun and enjoyment like games, Arabic Music and other more activities. These meals are organized under very beautiful and colorful tents and sometimes they are also arranged in Marquees. The ceilings of these tents are very charming and attractive also full of colors and very fluffy. The Meal arranged under these tents is done in a very captivated way. Food presentation is also very good and everything is arranged in a very luxurious way. Waiters are dressed in special 18th or 19th century outfit with the red round cylinder-shaped hat known as “tarboush”. This hat is very dear in Muslim history. They offer you, In addition to the very famous ARGEELAH, a plentiful variety of little snacks. No doubt, these Ramadan tents are very charming and seek the attention of people. The Cost of the tent depends upon Hotel and restaurants how good the hotel will be, greater the cost would be. People also book these tents and reserve them for their families and friends get together.

Ramadan tents for charity:-

 Several organizations, restaurants and Hotels arrange these tents for the charity purpose in many countries. The people who are poor and can’t afford suhoor and iftar meal they give them this amazing facility in a very comfortable way. So in those tents every poor and needy person can have suhoor and iftaar free of cost and they eat and enjoy without spending any single penny on meals. A person once asked prophet (PBUH) to instruct him and he said, “Spread peace and offer food”. Indeed, this Ramadan tent idea for charity purpose is a very good deed. In every Muslim country, this idea should be implemented. Ramadan tents for poor and needy people should be arranged in a very comfortable way. These Ramadan tents are mostly arranged in Dubai and Jordan. People love the breath-taking venues of these Ramadan tents.

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