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Military tents are used for the ease of armed forces and soldiers

Military tents are shelters which contain fabric sheets or other type of material wrapped around to the frame of support. Military tents are waterproof and they use very strong and powerful aluminium fusion tubes, flame-retardant bilateral PVC synthetic fiber material, and refined PVC tarpaulin mixture. The colors used for these tents are mostly Army green, camouflage or white. These tents are spacious to a great extent. They can accommodate many people at a time. They can also be used for field examination, for stay in wars or missions, for medical purpose of soldiers, headquarters and for many more things. The flame resistant is equal to European standards.

Reasons for use of Military tents

Military tents are used for the ease of armed forces and soldiers. They are used as shelter and security since earlier ancient times. As the soldiers go to borders, sometimes mountains, and other harsh places for their missions where there is no sign of living. At those places they use these military tents for their stay and survival. At the times of wars or missions these military tents are built few miles away from the zone of war or mission for medical purpose as well. Doctors of military forces stays in these camps with all essential medical equipment required if any soldier got injured, they treat them in these tents. Today, military tents and fabric material for advanced military camps are long-lasting. They are even superior over brick-and-mortar structure in many cases because of their mobility and adaptability.

Types of Military tents

Military tents are of different types for different purpose.

  • Customized Military Tents

               These types of tents are used as short-term order center, military practice, or field military exercises. They are reliable enough to bear shock waves.

  • Barracks Military Tents

         They can be built and removed quickly and easily. They are quite worthy for temporary military camps and military practice bases. They are sometimes also used for medical purpose in military. They are also known as sleeping quarters.

  • Military Storage / Surplus Tents

           Military Storage / Surplus tents are durable types of tents. These tents are used for storing weapons and foods in war zones.

  • Emergency Disaster Relief Tents

           These types of tents are used for medical rescue, disaster consolation, relief materials, compensation and many more purposes.

  • Military Hangar Tents

               These types of tents are very portable and they don’t have any fix size. They can be tailored according to your requirement.

 Reliability of these Tents for Military Purpose

                   These tents are very reliable for Army and other military forces. As they are portable, durable, not very expensive, provide ease and comfort in all military purposes because of this they have become the part of daily working life for armed forces all over the world. They are used by military because of very quick setup compared to the tents which are traditionally used. These tents are also very worthy in emergency disaster situations. Now more advanced types of tents are coming with modern time which have air conditioning and heating systems facility. The cost of these tents varies upon the size and type of tent.

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