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Double-Decker Tent as an ideal choice for your events

Double decker tents are also known as “Two-story tents”. They are very flexible. Everybody knows that space has become more and more of a premium today. However, double-decker tent solution can provide a state-of-the-art structure that is up to the mark for limited space and brings your event to the next level. These double-decker style tents are becoming very common for the customers. This is because it is more beneficial to build up instead of out, so you can achieve twice as many people in the same square foot space as a single-story structure. By making the maximum use of a venue, a double-decker tent gives you a very high-profile look, better sites lines to view large events and at the same time reserves space and real-estate.  You can add additional features to these tents such as glass walls, ABS hard walls, VIP cassette flooring on 2nd floor, pleated or flat ceilings, Rain gutters, balcony on the 2nd floor and many more features.

 These tents structure also comes in different sizes and styles which includes traditional gable structure, curved beam structures, High peak structures, Low pitch roofs, high pitch roofs and inflated roof covers. These tents are available in different sizes with excellent quality. Innovative ideas add more value to these tents.

Types of Double-Decker Tents:-

  If you want to enlarge your venue or make the venue more spacious so you can adjust more people you can efficiently use this double-decker tent. These tents have beautiful appearance, unique design, Fast construction, they also provide space utilization rate up to 200%. They can be installed or dismantled easily and also stored and transported easily. These tents are of different types some of which are as follow: –

  1. Acrum Double-Decker Tent
  2. Multilayer Tent For various events
  3. Frame double layer tent
  4. Cube double-decker Tent
  5. Double-decker Exhibition Tent

Major Uses of Double-decker tent: –

These tents are used in variety of events and have a lot of purposes. Some uses of these tents are as follow: –

  1. At Concerts and Theatrical Productions: –

You can set this tent on stage or stadium seating equipped concert hall or portable theater.

  • For Sporting: –

These tents are used in many sports stadiums as they enhance the space and makes view clearer for the audience.

  • For Corporate: –

    These versatile double-decker structures are modular and can be constructed in various forms to accommodate your events needs. Whether you are hosting a festival, convention or conference you need a temporary structure so this tent is the best option.

  • For Weddings: –

    Double-Decker marquee is upgrade from normal tent; it makes the event more advanced. By using these double-decker tents you can make an outdoor magical wedding venue for your customer. With wedding grade formal furnishings to the end, you can make your wedding mind blowing.

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