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Majlis Tents: Traditional and Cultural Characteristics

Majlis tents has the capacity to move its elements with the latest, traditional and cultural characteristics. These majlis tents in Arabic culture are very popular also because of its traditional value. Its simplicity in design with one standing prop and cotton shade makes the interior roomy and comfortable living. Material used to make majlis tents are PVC, a special type of cloth used to prevent sunlight (knitted shade cloth), wood, fibre glass, aluminium and sometimes goat hair are also used for building these tents. These tents are used in commercialized centers, shopping malls, lavish hotels, different parks, museums and many other places mostly in the month of Ramadan. These tents are of different types and of different designs. Their sizes are also different depending upon the requirement of customer. These majlis tents are also known as Arabic marquees.

Reason for customer attraction

They are the first-class product in Arabic culture. Majlis tents are posh settlement and best for personalized camping, group camping with friends or family, festivals, events, fun and to enjoy holidays. The interior of these tents is considered very charming and luxury set up in United Arab Emirates & Saudi Arabia. People also like them for leisure in picnics. These tents are portable, durable, very easy to move and easy to carry or set up. People also find these tents very fascinating and use them in their homes, gardens to enhance the beauty of their houses. People also arrange whole family or friends gatherings in these tents with all foods, music and many other fun things.

Rental majlis tents

People can also rent these tents instead of buying them. Like if they want to have these for travelling or for a picnic point it would be beneficial for them to rent them. The cost of renting them is obviously cheaper than buying them that’s why People should definitely rent these tents while travelling or going for picnics as their best thing is that they serve best in picnics. When people travel to the areas such as mountains, desserts type areas there is no sign of living even there are no huts or rest houses at those places these tents are very peaceful, temporary living and a comfortable place for stay and relaxation with family or friends. Where ever you go you can carry these tents with you so they are the best thing to spend your money on.

Features of these tents

There are different features which can be added in these tents according to the wish of the customer. These tents can have shrouded illumination, German water resistant material, fancy flooring, best German fabric, elite inner lining, sliding door, Air-Conditioner spot, charming lighting, support height and many more features. All these features are set up according to the customer demands. These tents are very reliable with graceful cultural and traditional Arabic interior. As with modern time more advanced features are being invented and will be installed in these tents in future. The cost of these tents varies upon the customer demands, tent size and designs.

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